What is Sheet Metal?

Metal that has been processed industrially into thin, flat pieces is known as sheet metal. One of the basic materials used in metalworking is sheet metal, which can be bent and cut into a wide range of shapes. Countless everyday objects are fabricated from sheet metal.

Several different metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin, nickel, and titanium, can be fabricated into sheets. Silver, gold, and platinum are some important sheets for decorative purposes (platinum sheet is also used as a catalyst). Sheet metal is used in car and truck bodies, airplane fuselages and wings, roofs for buildings, and many other applications. Sheets of iron and other materials with high magnetic permeability are most likely used in electrical machinery.

Below are the types and uses of sheet metals:

  • Aluminum sheet
    Frequently used metal for applications when weight is a concern. For example, cookware, automotive parts, and boat components.
  • Copper sheet
    Used in equipment where electricity must be easily transferred to a workpiece such as resistance welding equipment or certain types of battery systems.
  • Carbon steel sheet
    Often used for general fabrication purposes. For example, car bodies and store signs.
  • Galvanized steel sheet
    Frequently used in automotive parts and objects exposed to water such as greenhouse equipment, buckets, irrigation pipe, and marine vessels.
  • Stainless steel sheet
    Mostly used in critical applications such as aerospace engine components and marine structures.

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