About Cbliss

Creative Bliss, commonly known as Cbliss which was founded in 1996 in Penang, Malaysia which mainly provides metal stamping services. We have estimatedly 26 years of experience in Malaysia's metal stamping industry as well as providing high quality metal stamping services to Multinational Corporation (MNCs), local companies in Penang, Malaysia as well as overseas companies.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the partner of choice for our clients who expect the best service, precision, and support.

Besides, there are several mission statements of Cbliss Penang, Malaysia which include innovation through the utilization of the latest techniques and processes, to grow the capability of our people, an unwavering passion for quality and to be a trusted and respected partner to our clients.

Core Philosophy & Value

The Core Philosophy of Cbliss Penang, Malaysia is to provide Zero Defects product and services to our clients, and we have aimed to provide on time delivery services to our clients every time.

Furthermore, our Core Values are based on the foundations of organizational learning, we will continuously learn in order to reach our clients requirements and implement these into our product and services. Our people and procedures are our investment, and satisfied clients' requirements are our measure of success, thus this learning is critical to the development of our skills.

Our Services & Facilities

In Cbliss Penang, Malaysia, we provide different kinds of metal stamping services to our clients such as automotive, mechatronics, printing and imaging, hardware and furniture, prototyping and much more!

Moreover, we have different kinds of equipment and facilities in our factory such as Power Press and Stamping Machine, Secondary Process, Tool Room Facilities and Quality Assurance Equipments and Instruments.