Common metal in Metal stamping


Metal stamping is important in today’s technology and especially in for manufacturing side in Malaysia where there is a need for versatility to mould complex metal components and parts. Metal is the number one choice when it come to stamping due to its versatility and durability.

Common metals used in metal included

Each comes with its own advantages and depending on the requirement of the manufacturing side, these are the among top type of selection when it come to metal stamping.

Example, Aluminium due to its lightweight properties, low cost and high strength to weight ratio, it is commonly used on aerospace and marine applications

Stainless steel is highly durable, high heat resistance and harder than most metals is a preferred choice in medical devices, aerospace, and food grade application

So as you can see each type of metals have its own advantages depending on industry so manufacturers need to choose their materials carefully and ensure it fits their requirement by doing R&D and intensive testing.

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