Metal Stamping With Cbliss

Metal Stamping With Cbliss

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that makes use of dies and stamping presses to transform sheet metal into different shapes. It is a complex process which include a few metal forming process including punching, piercing, bending, blanking and lots more

There are hundreds of companies in Malaysia that offer metal stamping services to deliver components for industries in electronics, automotive, mechatronic, printing and imaging and lots more and Cbliss is one of the major metal stamping companies that are based in Penang, Malaysia with more than 25 years of experience serving MNCs across the world with major customers such as Sony and Clarion. As global markets evolve, we have escalated the need for quickly-produced large quantities of complex parts.

Over here at Cbliss, we understand our clients need metal parts stamped for a project generally look for three important qualities:
With Cbliss which is based in Penang, Malaysia that has a support of good infrastructure with Ports and international airports that are just within 25 KM away, we have no issue in term of delivering on time. Our company also has the manpower to work and provide the require support for additional metal stamping jobs if needed

At the same time, Malaysia is well known to have a youthful & skilful workforce yet relatively more cost-effective and this will enable us to maintain the quality and at the same time low cost when it come to metal stamping.

Over here at Cbliss, Malaysia, we are confident of our metal stamping process and in fact we have a 0% defect as our core philosophy and delivering on time for our customer in their metal stamped project.