Why Cbliss Penang?

There are many metal stamping companies available in Penang, Malaysia. However, there are several reasons why you should choose us as your subcontractors or partners.

Reason to choose Cbliss


Over Years of Experiences

Cbliss Penang, Malaysia has over 25 years of experience in offering metal stamping services to Multinational Corporation such as Sony and Clarion as well as local companies in Penang, Malaysia and overseas companies.

Strategically Location

Cbliss is a metal stamping company based in Penang, Malaysia which makes us your favorable choice. We are strategically located because the ports of Penang, Malaysia are globally linked with airports which makes us have no issues in terms of delivering on time to our clients. In addition, the sea transports of Malaysia are connected with over 200 ports across the world which are at their best to date.

Low Cost and High Quality

The workforce in Malaysia is youthful and skilful and it’s also more cost effective as compared with other countries. Hence, this allows Cbliss Penang, Malaysia to provide high quality metal stamping at a low cost. Besides, the core philosophy of Cbliss Penang, Malaysia is to provide Zero Defects products and services to their customers hence, at Cbliss Penang, Malaysia we are confident to ensure our metal stamping quality.